OUR expertise

AVLC delivers tailor-made services
on 4 domains to meet your every client or technical requirement


Mapping all requirements, user experience, functionalities and features to meet your needs, aspirations, budget, concepts and briefing



Each project is unique.

Each briefing is specific and requires a bespoke skillset, process and team.

Our expertise is deployed to ensure you can enjoy some peace of mind from the moment you brief us, till the moment your solution is deployed and running smoothly.

You can count on us to respect your briefing, provide you with clear status reports, mitigate risks and to put back-up plans in place so the continuity of your activity in ensured while respecting clear timings and budgets.



The multitude of skills and our great flexibility are the main reasons architects and clients rely on us.

We’re ready for all situations so you can have some peace of mind



You are advised by a team of specialists that is continuously on the lookout for the latest technologies.

AVLC quickly distinguished itself by its client-focus, its quest for quality work and its relentless attention to detail.

AVLC designs and deploys all types of Audiovisual development projects: ranging from meeting rooms, boardrooms over auditoriums and reception spaces,    ..

Our sole objective: providing you with a future proof multimedia solution that exceeds today’s standards, so you can benefit from it for years to come